Drawing Book

In 2003 I started drawing in an A5 book that has since become one of my most prized possessions. I started the book fairly casually, drawing whatever came to mind, first in pencil and then with a fine ink pen. I was fascinated by the detail that could be achieved with a little care, patience and a steady hand. Many of these drawings are experiments in ink rendering techniques that I practise in different forms, often combining two techniques within a single composition. As a few years past, I became more precise with both the inking and the manor in which I organised the drawings and composition of the page. Many of the latter drawings take several days to complete (casually) and as such, I began only ever drawing in it with a relaxed state of mind – typically when on holiday.

Currently I haven’t done any drawing in this book for more than 2 years. I hope to start again soon. I need a good Holiday. I’m moving to the USA soon – so I’m sure I’ll have some downtime to with nothing to do.

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